FAQ for Dentists

How do I become a provider?

If you are already using Derby as your lab, just fill out a Tru-Smile Rx form that can be found on the website or request a starter kit.

If you do not have an account with Derby then contact us, so that we may set you up with an account and send you a starter kit.

What are the advantages of using Tru-Smile Aligners over alternative clear aligner services?

Tru-Smile Aligners are made locally in Louisville, KY. Whether you need a replacement aligner or your patient’s next set, we can deliver our products to you quickly. If you are local we can get them to you even faster by hand-delivering them to your practice.

Tru-Smile Aligners also has three different price point dependent on the number of aligners required by your patient’s treatment, so your cost will always be predictable.

What conditions can be treated with Tru-Smile Aligners?

Tru-Smile Aligners are used to treat anterior malocclusions in patients with permanent dentition.

Is Tru-Smile covered by dental insurance?

We always recommend checking with your patient’s primary insurer, as coverage will vary between patients. If your patient’s policy allows for orthodontic treatment then Tru-Smile Aligners may be covered.

How long must patients wear aligners each day?

Patients should wear aligners 20-22 hours per day and always remove them while eating, drinking hot liquids, and brushing teeth.

Are Tru-Smile Aligners recommended for any age group?

Tru-Smile Aligners are recommended for people with permanent dentition and who can comply with patient care and use instructions.

Does Tru-Smile offer post treatment retention?

Yes, we offer a wide variety of retainers to use after clear aligner therapy has been completed.

What can Tru-Smile Aligners do for my practice?

A high number of people can benefit from straighter teeth which offers significant income potential for your practice. Appointments are quick and easy, so that you do not waste any valuable chair time.